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What is a virtual merchant?  A virtual merchant is defined as a merchant that provides goods and services with the flexibility to accept payments anywhere.  Here’s a few examples – a virtual merchant may have an e-commerce website to accept online payments, use a credit card terminal at their place of business, and use a mobile app to take payments at a trade show.  With today’s technology a virtual businessperson may accept payments online or via e-commerce, accept payments by mail or telephone, and accept payments on a mobile device through an app or traditional credit card terminal.  The advantage of this type of service is having all these payment options unite with one merchant account.

A merchant account, payment gateway, and virtual terminal assemble to deliver the means to accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime.  The best merchant service providers offer a free virtual terminal, competitive pricing, and a free mobile app for processing payments.  At Virtual Merchant Services, our goal is to help you find the right merchant provider, hardware, and pricing that works best for your business.  Complete our simple form and you’ll get multiple rate quotes to compare from the top processors in the market.  You’ll get amazing offers from the best payment platforms available for business owners of all industries.

Virtual Merchant - Mobile Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Not all credit card processing companies are created equal.  When selecting a merchant services provider and merchant account, here’s a checklist of some questions to ask before making your final decision:

  • Is there any Setup Fees or Up Front Costs?
  • Is there 24/7/365 Live Customer Support?
  • Is there a Free Online Login Portal with Reporting?
  • Is there Free Hardware Included?
  • Is there a Free Virtual Terminal?
  • Will they Meet or Beat any Pricing Model?
  • Are the Company Online Reviews Positive?

What’s a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a payment service, like AuthNet Gateway, that joins with a merchant account to authorize and settle credit card payments for mobile merchants, online businesses, e-commerce, retail stores, service based businesses, and traditional storefronts.  Complete our form to hear from the best vendors offering payment gateway services and the top rated credit card processing for business industries of all sizes.

Virtual Merchant Payment Gateway Credit Card Readers

Compare Virtual Merchant Providers

Compare quotes from multiple vendors of credit card merchant services.  Let our merchant providers work for you to find the best merchant services for your business.  There’s a lot to consider when selecting a merchant account – the application process, setup fees, processing fees, funding times, PCI compliance, and the list goes on and on.  Let our experts present you with options, answer your important questions, and help you find the perfect solutions.  You focus on running your business.

Do you need a new merchant service account, payment gateway or virtual terminal?  By completing our simple form, we connect you with some of the the best payment gateway providers and online payment providers available for your credit card processing needs. By offering specific payment solutions for your industry, we eliminate the frustrations of shopping within a crowded market with way too many options. After you complete the form, vendors will contact you, provide quotes, and compete for your business. At Virtual Merchant Services, we hold the highest standards for our partners and only work with the top credit card processors in the market.

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Merchant Services Virtual Credit Card Terminal

Affordable Credit Card Processing

Fast, reliable, and secure transactions at the most affordable rates available. By completing the form, you’ll get very competitive rates and pricing with our dealer payment gateway services.  Need to accept credit cards on your computer?  With a free virtual terminal, you can easily key in credit cards manually no matter where you are.  If you have a computer that is connected to the internet, you can also turn your computer into a point-of-sale terminal with the addition of a credit card reader.

Accept mobile credit cards where ever you go, on any device with a virtual merchant terminal or mobile App. Accept credit cards “on-the-go” with your mobile device, Android, iPhone, iPad, or computer on the web. Use mobile payments to complement your existing payment processing built into your POS or credit card terminal. Plan ahead, have a backup method to accept payments if your primary system goes down. With our free comparison form, you’ll get the advantage of picking the provider that offers the best rates.

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Mobile Payments - Mobile Pay Credit Card Processing

Accept Mobile Payments

Accept payments securely on a mobile devices using a Mobile Payment App.  Virtual Merchant Services specializes in finding the right solutions for your business.  Whether you need to accept payments online or mobile; or maybe you just want to save money on your existing credit card processing, we’ve got you covered with our entrepreneur services.

Our dealers are well versed in new mobile technology including virtual terminals, Apple Pay and EMV (chip and pin).  Mobile processing is changing how customers interact with business owners.  All you need to accept payments is a smart device with a data plan or a computer with a connection to the internet.  Go mobile by completing the form and you’ll have multiple dealers contact you with rates and quotes.  Work smarter, be more efficient and connect with your customers like never before.

  • Fast Processing
  • Quick Payment Funding
  • Competitive Rates
  • Value-add options to help grow your business
  • Device and POS Flexibility
  • Secured Transactions

Credit Card Processing and Virtual Merchant Services for every Industry


  • Quick Service Restaurant

  • Table Service Restaurant

  • Coffee Shop

  • Bar and Nightclub

  • Pizza Restaurant

  • Bakery

  • Brewery & Pubs

  • Deli’s

  • Fast Food


  • e-Commerce

  • Clothing Store

  • Bookstore

  • Convenience Store

  • Liquor Store

  • Gift Shop

  • Small Business Retail

  • Hospitality/Hotels

  • Retail iPad POS

Service Industries

  • Salon

  • Spa

  • Automotive

  • Golf Club

  • Gym Fitness Club

  • Car Wash

  • Professional Services

  • Education

  • Government & Healthcare

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Virtual Merchant Terminal - Accept Credit Cards Online

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a credit card processing device.  Simply log into your account with your merchant provider and instantly process phone, mail or fax orders online.  The top merchant providers all have some form of a virtual terminal.  Get a quote for the best rates.

Mobile Payments Credit Card Processing

Mobile Payments

Having the ability to accept mobile payments is a necessity for almost any business now days.  People are carrying less paper money and technology has advanced to the point where people expect the ability use their credit card anywhere they are making purchases.  Be prepared.

eCommerce Payment Gateway - Virtual Online Credit Card Processing

eCommerce Payment Gateway

Online businesses need an online payment gateway that is fast, accurate, and secure.  Online businesses are more popular than ever before, so stay ahead of the eCommerce curve.  Our providers works across multiple platforms to accept credit card payments online and create profitable, longer lasting relationships and connect with customers like never before.

Retail Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing

Retail Merchant Services

Find low cost and affordable retail merchant services for a wide range of business types.  Retail establishments will need a POS system, credit card machines, and will also generally accept online payments with e-commerce solutions through a payment gateway.

EMV Chip and Pin Credit Card Reader

EMV Chip and Pin

For card present transactions, you’re going to need an EMV chip and pin credit card reader.  While it’s not mandatory, EMV is the next level in security for protecting your customer’s credit card data.  Customers are expecting EMV card data protection from the businesses they shop with to protect against fraudulent charges and identity theft.

Apple Pay Credit Card Machine

Apple Pay

More and more businesses are beginning to accept Apple Pay.  A great convenience for customers, Apple Pay is  a great way to accept mobile payments with an iPhone or iWatch.  Many of the latest technologies of credit card machines accept Apple Pay with near field communication.  Check with your vendor for availability.

Restaurant Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing

Restaurant Merchant Services

For a restaurant, at a minimum you’re going to need a credit card machine to accept payments.  Ideally you’re going to want a POS system that’s best suited for your industry, because they are no one size fits all.  Many merchant service providers work with a POS system company to help you find the best solution.

Store Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services

Store Credit Card Processing

Coffee shops, juice bars, quick service restaurants, and all other small businesses need credit card processing.  The key is to find the best merchant provider with affordable rates.  We highly recommend working with someone local for support and sign up with a company near you that offers Interchange Plus pricing.

Restaurant and Bar Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing

Pubs / Bars / Nightclubs

Brew pubs, bars and nightclubs all have specific needs in terms of reporting and batching credit card sales.  These types of establishments are best suited with an industry specific pos system.  There are many providers on the market that specialize in these environments.  Check with your merchant provider for more information.


We are fully dedicated to our customer base, there is no need to worry about customer support. With thousands of customers and counting, you cannot go wrong with our free merchant services quote from multiple providers.

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